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Yebo Design House website is under construction. Please be patient and wait for us. In the meantime you are welcome to contact us on +4575212421 or HERE by mail

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Yebo Design House is a Danish company, established in 2007, under - and separated from - the company Colours of Africa. Colour.......more







Yebo Design House

Yebo Design House is a Danish company, established in November 2007, under - and separated from - the company Colours of Africa. Colours of Africa is a well established company, specialized in import, marketing and sale of high end products from South Africa. Colours of Africa has been operating for 4 years, since early 2004, and has succeeded to create and market absolutely new trends in the Scandinavian market as well as in Switzerland. This is a result from a close relationship to South African artists and designers during 8 years.

We have up till now addressed the promotion and sales to private  customers as well to retailers. This has become even more sought after than expected, which has developed the neccessity of separating sale to private customers and retailers. As a consequence we have now expanded with the brand new company: Yebo Design House.

Yebo Design House is offering special high end products for home interior and decor. Yebo Design House works with design along with Danish and South African designers to create our unique products with the ultimate ex- and impression for the Scandinavian market.

Yebo Design House launches products that have proved high attention, attractive to consumers and proved to sell in the parent company. Naturally Yebo Design House developes all along new designs and launches new products every year.

Yebo Design House assists you, based on a long term experience, with skills, knowledge, advice, service, and promotion materials. We ease your work all the way, as we do all the import, freight and custom clearance. You order, we deliver right to your shop!


Our activities in South Africa are of mutual benefit and interest. Our orders means a lot to South African employment as well as our producers all provide health care, teaching, HIV clinics among others in accordance to the governmnetal demands for employers. Each order placed, supports the new ongoing democracy in South Africa. South Africa has much to attribute to the global scene. Let's join them.


As all our products are handmade you must naturally expect delivery time from the order is going in. Normally from 8-12 weeks, depending of type and size. If we have in stock, we always deliver immediately. As the products may be produced especially for your company, we will ask you for payment in advance.

Products will naturally also vary as they are handmade. That means, that  they differ slightly from one another, which only underlines the uniqueness of the products

Orders cannot be returned and refunded as they are specially made according to the order.





Yebo Design House portal is released. We celebrate this with soft and gentle South African music by Miriam Makeba....

Do you want to listen, then click below